10 Least Competitive Dental Schools in America (2023)

If you are considering developing a career in dentistry but are not entirely sure if your academic achievement meets the requirements of dental majors, you should review them10 Least Competitive Dental Schools in America. We created the ranking using the average GPA and DAT of recently enrolled students as criteria. We also looked at whether courses of study included special study achievements in addition to tuition fees or not.

In general, prospective dentistry students should keep three things in mind. First, you should find out which predental core courses are mandatory. Most schools require applicants to have completed a one-year course in biology, general and organic chemistry with laboratory work, physics with laboratory work, and English. For some degree programs, courses such as biochemistry and microbiology or mathematics and psychology may also be part of the admission requirements. Whilesome programsonly recommend knowledge in the aforementioned subjects, others expressly point out that these courses are compulsory. Additionally, some hands-on experience in dentistry is a must for students applying to dental schools.

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Second, you should look at the average GPA and DAT of the most recently admitted students. A good place to start your research could be checking out websites that compare different dental schools in the US. Depending on your ambitions, i.e. whether you want to get accepted into the best dental school or just be admitted to one school, you will know which programs to exclude immediately and which ones to add to your wish list. Note that students enrolled in the best schools had an average GPA of 3.87, compared to a GPA of 3.3, which is the average academic result in the 10th program on this list — the one below the least competitive is the most competitive. Don't worry if your academic performance was so poor that you don't meet the criteria for the easiest schools to reach. You can check these10 Least Competitive Medical Specialties in America, where you will learn that some programs admit students with a GPA of 2.3

Let us now turn to the Dental Admission Test (DAT), which is mandatory for all dental school applicants. The computer-based test, which measures general academic ability, comprehension of scientific information, and perceptual ability, includes multiple-choice questions in biology (40), general chemistry (30), organic chemistry (30), perceptual ability (90), reading comprehension ( 50); and quantitative thinking (40). DAT scores range from 1 to 30, while the national average in recent years has been the 19 to 20 score. As with all standardized tests, the key to a good score, along with knowledge, is staying calm and focused. Panic often affects student performance, and the best way to overcome test anxiety is to familiarize yourself with the structure of the test by practicing as much as possible.

Even if you are applying to dental schools with minimum admission requirements, GPA and DAT alone will not secure your spot. Because dentistry is a patient-centric profession, admissions committees want to know if you are the person who can empathize with others, develop a caring relationship, maintain a good work ethic, etc. Having volunteer work under your belt is a great way to show that you possess these qualities.

Finally, tuition fees are also an important factor when choosing a dental school. The majority of the colleges on this list are private, and tuition ranges from $42,235 to $70,639. On the other hand, if you choose to attend a public college, you will have to pay anywhere from $8,751 to $26,708 annually. Some colleges prefer local students, and tuition fees for them are usually much lower than for non-residents.

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Now that you have all the information you need to start applying to a dental program, let's take a closer look at these 10 least competitive dental schools in America. The ranking is based on data fromTHIS PREPARATION. First, we ranked the schools by average GPA and separately by average DAT. Then we combined the ranking and calculated the average ranking for each program to get this list. Note that DAT PREP does not report an average grade point average for some schools. In such cases we have relied on information belowstarting class.

10. Loma Linda University School of Dentistry

Average grade point average: 3.3
Average DAT: 20

We start withthe schoolwhich establishes “belief in God” as its first core value. We're not sure if that means atheists should take school off the wish list right away. However, other professed values ​​such as respect for the individual, compassionate caring, and the pursuit of truth are deeply humanistic and should be shared by atheists and believers alike. Speaking of more down-to-earth matters, you should know that Loma Linda University School of Dentistry falls into the expensive dental school category on this list. Resident and nonresident students pay $59,211 annually. The school accepts 99 students and the list of compulsory courses includes biochemistry.

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9. Midwestern University - Illinois College of Dentistry - Illinois (CDMI)

Average grade point average: 3.43
Average DAT: 18.6

While the average GPA and DAT of recently enrolled students aren't as high as some of the most reputable dental schools, two things might put you off applying. First, tuition, which is 88 percent higher than the average cost of all dental schools. Regardless of whether you live in the state or not, you will have to pay $70,639 annually. Second, a list of additional course requirements includes four courses: Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, and Biochemistry. On the other hand, you can benefit from an interdisciplinary approach, use of state-of-the-art equipment and an innovative curriculum. As the second youngest dental program on our list, changes and improvements are made daily, so ifCDMIis on your wish list, you should check the college's website regularly. Finally, the college allows international applicants and non-US citizens to apply.

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8. University of Puerto Rico Faculty of Dentistry

Average grade point average: 3.5
Average DATE: 17

The University of Puerto Ricooffers the cheapest dental program on the list. Domestic students pay only $8,751 in tuition annually, while for those living outside of Puerto Rico, tuition is $27,128. The school admits 40 students annually, which is the smallest class size on the list. The list of compulsory courses includes social and behavioral sciences, while courses such as biochemistry or molecular biology, histology, physiology, anatomy, etc. are highly recommended. While low tuition and requirements may seem attractive, know that the school occupies the lowest position on the Startclass list, which ranks dental school on a number of parameters including GPA, DAT, class size, NIDCR funding, and so on.

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7. University of Tennessee College of Dentistry

Average grade point average: 3.3
Average DAT: 19.3

The oldest dental college in the southand the third-oldest public college offering a dentistry program in the United States enrolls 432 students each year, the highest number of any school on this list. Tuition for in-state students is $30,966 and $69,166 for non-residents. Students applying to Tennessee College's dental program must have completed two additional courses: biochemistry and one of these courses: histology, microbiology, or comparative anatomy.

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6. A.T. Still University Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health

Average grade point average: 3.37
Average DATE: 19

At Arizona Dental School, students spend the first two years gaining experience through dental simulation exercises, while the third and fourth years are devoted to direct patient care.The schoolcredits himself for using innovative technology and for having his students be among the first in the United States to receive certification in laser therapy. The school enrolls 76 students each year and the tuition of $68,549 is the same for both local and international students.

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5. University of East Carolina School of Dentistry

Average grade point average: 3.4
Average DAT: 18.2

The fifth program on the list of the 10 Least Competitive Dental Schools in America is among the cheapest with tuition at $26,708 for both resident and non-resident students. While all of the programs on our list boast of using the latest technologies,School of Dentistry at East Carolina Universitycan go a step further to praise itself as Apple has named the school an Apple Distinguished Program for its innovative implementation of technology in student learning and teledentistry. In addition, the college is dedicated to improving dental health throughout North Carolina. With government support, the school has established centers in rural areas where citizens can receive dental care and students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with patients. The school has 53 students and mathematics is on the list of compulsory subjects.

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4. Western University of Health Sciences College of Dentistry

Average grade point average: 3.31
Average DATE: 19

If you believe the best way to learn is through practice, then thenCollege of Dentistry at Western University of Health Sciencescould be the school you are looking for. The college emphasizes clinical training opportunities that include early direct patient care, pre-clinical simulation, the opportunity to work with faculty staff at WesternU Dental Clinic, etc. The list of prerequisite courses includes the topics mentioned in the introduction. However, the school strongly recommends that applicants have taken some of the following subjects: Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Analysis 1, Biometrics, Psychology, Conversational Spanish. With only 69 students admitted each year, knowledge of some of these subjects can give you a competitive advantage. Finally, the tuition is $66,878.

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3. University of New England College of Dentistry

Average grade point average: 3.33
Average DAT: 18.2

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The youngest dental program on our list,UNE College of Dentistry, offers its students a comprehensive clinical education. First-year students care for simulated patients, while second- and third-year students work with patients at the Oral Health Center. Finally, fourth-year students have the opportunity to provide direct patient care in communities throughout northern New England. The college does not favor in-state students. Last year, 64 students were admitted, including 40 from 16 different US states. Tuition of $59,710 is the same for resident and non-resident students. Additional course requirements include microbiology and biochemistry, while courses such as anatomy, psychology, 3D art, etc. are highly recommended.

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2. Howard University College of Dentistry

Average grade point average: 2.85
Average DATE: 18

Another institution with a long tradition,Howard University College of Dentistry, founded in 1881, is the fifth oldest dental school in America. College Vision is focused on closing the health gap between Americans. Students accepted into the program have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working in the college's dental clinics under the supervision of senior staff. The college enrolls 74 students annually, and resident and non-resident tuition is $42,631 and $63,250, respectively. Additional course requirements include human biochemistry and anatomy, which are mandatory, and physiology and microbiology, which are recommended.

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1. Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry

Average grade point average: 3.20
Average DATE: 18

Meharry's dental program tops the list10 Least Competitive Dental Schools in America. If you are a person who wants to contribute to creating a society where all citizens have equal access to healthcare, thenMeharry Medical College School of Dentistryis right for you. The college is dedicated to improving health care for minority and underserved communities by providing $26 million in free dental and health care to vulnerable Nashville citizens. Meharry also places an emphasis on promoting ethnic, social, and cultural diversity among students. Tuition of $42,235 is the same for both domestic and international students. The college admits 60 students annually and additional course requirements include biochemistry and mathematics or calculus.

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