How to Make Money Online in 2023 [Easy & Reliable Ways] (2023)

Making money online can seem like a daunting task, but it's not as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are many different ways to make money online, whether it's starting your own blog or becoming a social media influencer. Whichever route you choose, there are plenty of options for anyone with the right information and knowledge.

If you want to realistically make money online, working online is the best answer today. Earning online might seem like a big scam, but it's not the case when you know the right place and the right talent to offer. All it takes is some dedication and discipline, and you'll be on your way to winning. Few websites will give you instant results and help you meet your daily living needs like fuel, rent, stationery, etc. While other online websites can provide assets that can assist you with long-term financial plans.

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This article aims to provide you with some reliable ways to make money online.

First, let's go through why earning online is a smart choice. One should understand that whatever means one chooses to make money online, the most important thing to learn and appreciate is that money comes and goes, made and wasted, invested and stolen. But no time; which makes time even more valuable than money in every way. So if you have the luxury of having the time and talent to make money online then empower yourself and get ready to use your talent and start earning from home.

Digital scholar, a premiumDigital Marketing Institute in Chennai, offers an exclusive module on how to make money online. First of all, considering the founder of Digital Scholar,Sorav Jainwho is a master at making money online and is also a tutor, this module would surely make some noise about how to monetize your digital skills.

The following data will help you better understand what Sorav Jain has been able to achieve over the past 11 years.

Here are a few things you need to know before you start

Below are a few things you need to know before learning how to make money online;

Raking at the top of SERP

For any digital marketing-related keyword that ranks at the top of search engine results pages.

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User sustainability

Ability to retain 1,50,000 loyal visitors through consistent updating and quality content.

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Influencing different brands across different platforms

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Earn thousands of dollars from just one affiliate marketing initiative.

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Undoubtedly, you can achieve the same thing over time, but it takes proper understanding and determined thinking to grow your online presence.

List of various other ways to start your online money making journey:

1) Start writing a blog

Believe it or not, writing a blog is the best way to make money online with the luxury of sitting in your home. Blogging is fun, interesting, and an easy way to make money online quickly with instant results. There are several tutorials available to help you start your blog.

For those who are unsure what a blog is, it is the best way to express your thoughts and teach online. There are several social platforms that exclusively offer ways to create a self-hosted blog, e.g. E.g.:,,, etc.

This is how WordPress works. First you need to create a website and after that you can choose a theme of your choice and create different pages on your website. A blog page can only contain 4 pages, a blog page, a contact page, an about page and a course page. You must have a contact page and an about page on your blog. Since you will learn how to earn online monetization strategies in this article, you will also need a disclaimer page and privacy policy. These are legal sites to educate the users on how the blogs can be used to make money.

To start the blog, you can start using a free template for the theme set in your blog. Now you can start writing a post and target a large audience from a single platform. It can also be used to promote your services and market them to an audience.

2) Gast-Blogging

Gast-Bloggingis one of the easiest ways to make money online. Shockingly, despite being one of the easiest and most reliable methods, it is very unpopular. Guest blogging means posting your blog on someone else's.

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Like Freelancer, FAQ is considered a contributor blog. In guest blogging, authors send their blogs to other bloggers and if the blogger accepts, they publish them on their blog. Not to be confused with anyone who accepts someone else's blog and publishes it for their payment. There are few that offer this possibility, so you need to fulfill your requirements before submitting the said blog.

Guest blogging is offered by many online sites like Business Insider, Moz, Social Media Examiner, Marketingprofs, etc. Once you have found the platform that is comfortable for you to work with, be sure to read the blog content before proposing the idea to get a better idea of ​​the writing style, now that you present your blog it will become more personal.

Once the blog owner accepts the pitch you provided, they will share the payment process. Some blogs pay based on the traffic the blog gets, e.g. B. If your post is shared many times, you will be paid accordingly.

You must always remember that after accepting your pitch, you should not change the subject. The owner has accepted the pitch, so the delivery should take place, otherwise the blog owner can refuse to pay.

3) job board

Job boards can be a tricky entry. They help in decorating author appearances, it is undoubtedly an easy method to make money online. Job boards are a platform for business people, entrepreneurs and content creators to publish their posts.

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In the early days, working on job boards can typically bring in $35-$50 per position, but if you have the potential, you can make a lot more. You should know how to make contacts and impress customers. But job boards are scams too, so you might want to double-check to make sure you don't fall into a trap. The real boards have new gigs almost every day.

Once you recognize the onereliable job board, start pitching and trying to socialize. There are many people offering pitches every day. To stand out from them, try to make your pitch more personal by looking at the company whose ad is running. Try to understand their needs and what exactly they are selling.

For more information, visit Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms where the company is active. In your pitch, also mention the platform you saw the ad on. This will help the owner understand which social platform is better for them and it will help you. This will help you get more gigs.

4) Freelance writers

Chances are you don't have any freelance clients as it takes time to make contacts. How to make money online in such situations? You can contact a freelancer. It often happens that the authors are overloaded with work, so the author can subcontract the work to you and pay you for it.

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You don't always have to think of this industry as competitive, helping each other gets the job done on time and you both make money. You also edit each other's work and improve it at the same time. It helps everyone.

Not all methods to make money online are available online, sometimes you need to start working offline to make money online. It's easier than it sounds, just ask everywhere you go or with people you meet, there are a plethora of options available offline.

There are many people who can help you earn online, but they don't have an online platform. Here you can go to them and ask if they have a website and ask them if they need to polish their work online. It's easy to go to the people around you, your dentist, grocery store, wine store, pharmacy, and ask them if they need a writer. I know it sounds difficult and scary but if you take action you can have your exclusive clients and do the work online and make money easily.

Several freelancers get their big breaks from previous employers. Going local makes the transition work easy. If your workplace has a website and a contact page, ask if they're looking for freelancers or content writers. Another possibility is the business district, as you may know many cities have a business district. This is a great way to get many clients from one location and different industries. Go for a walk, try to talk to people and get to work

5) Create video tutorials

The 21st century is all about video marketing, especially in the last 5 years we have had several breakthroughs.

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Nowadays, more and more business people use social platforms to create videos to help and make money online faster. It's a spectacular idea because in today's lifestyle nobody has time to read a lengthy article and videos make things interesting, last shorter and are easy to digest.

In the beginning you might need some equipment, but it's a one-time investment, once you have it, the work becomes easier and more interesting. And not to mention that it's a way to make a quick buck.

Some reliable platforms

Below are some methods to learn how to make money online by focusing on specific platforms.

A. Strong Whisper:

Unlike Wow Women, Strong Whispers offers various options for articles on the environment, beauty, nutrition, lifestyle and other social issues. The contribution is unlimited. You can submit an article ranging from educational institutions to greedy corporations to revolutionary ideas, human survival, glaciers and government policies.

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steps to follow;

Making money by writing an article is an easy task that varies from $40 to $180 depending on the quality of the article. The amount is not fixed, sometimes they pay more considering the circumstances and the urgency. You should be smart enough to take advantage of the opportunities.

Usually, the site publishes 2-3 posts per month, so you can earn around $600, which can help you in many ways.

  • Start by giving them your idea about the article you want to write and add the amount you expect to receive. You should keep in mind that this is a high impact website, so your article should be unique and impactful. Think carefully about what you are going to write and how it will affect the site.

Send the blog URL along with the article outline. This helps the site understand your writing style, and if they didn't like your pitch, they might like some of your old work. They will let you know if they liked the theme or not and tell you what to do next.

  • Once you are invited to write an article, the real work begins, i. H. to write and submit a good article. Take your time but send a good quality article, they will not accept a good guest post at all. You must ensure that your article is consistent with the original content and correct with no grammatical errors.

The site provides a list of guidelines so you don't aim in the dark, you have a list to check if you have met their requirements or not.

  • Once you submit the article, it will be reviewed by the site's board and you can expect any three emails given below
  • Approved - Congratulations
  • Requires changes - they will mention the gaps
  • Rejected

If your article is approved, it depends on the site whether you publish it immediately or wait for a later date. Once the article is ready to be published, there are multiple payment methods to choose the most convenient one and voilà!

Earnings: $40-$200

B. Wow women writing

This is one of the most successful online social platforms to make quick money. WowWomen looking for female writers, not only do they offer a real sum of money, but they constantly encourage women to develop and grow. They're always on the lookout for aspiring writers. And not only do they offer a wealth of intellectual opportunities, but they also have a diverse audience, all determined and compatible to deliver quality content for women.

Training, freelancing and pioneering innovative business strategies are the key factors of Wow Women. The articles provided on Wow Women help the writers immensely to improve their skills and become better. Payment method is either through PayPal's online gateway or you can request a check provided you are in the US at the time.

steps to follow;

Start your research by reading several articles published on the site. This gives you a background of what the authors want and helps you learn the work quickly. Thesite is helpful and informative for good writers.

  • Never duplicate or paraphrase an old article or idea. Be creative or it's useless.
  • They can pay up to $150 for a 3000-word featured article.
  • The key point of your article needs to help readers, so make them useful.
  • Readers always look for easy-to-follow steps and actionable, practical advice.

Wow, Women usually focuses on female writers and a monthly theme. It's doubtful what the link to your content in the articles suggests, but they certainly link the site to your author profile. Just make sure there are no open attachments in the author profile. The content should be in plain text within the body of an email.

Earnings: $50-$100

This is a humor site; You attract a very specific type of people who are smart, fun, and creative. offers a wealth of opportunities to earn decent money with the article. They don't require any prior knowledge and the pay is good. The chain of command is small, giving you the opportunity to communicate with the directors themselves. You have three categories from which you can choose to create videos, photoshop, and infographics.

steps to follow;

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  • Register on the site, hit message boards and feature your article.
  • The guidelines for writing an article are to add five subheadings under the main article of the idea so that the overall picture of the article is clear. You should also provide complete information and a column clearly explained in the instructions.

Let's talk money, for startups they pay around $100 per item. If you manage to get 5 of your articles published on their website, Bang! You'll be promoted to $200 and if you publish about 10 articles in a month you'll get a $100 bonus (depending on site traffic). So not only do they give fancy money, but they give the right feeling of working through increments and bonuses. This is every freelancer's dream.

They hold a Photoshop contest twice a week and the winner gets $100. The site never misses opportunities if you're smart enough to grab them. In addition, bonus opportunities are introduced again and again in the design area. You pay up to $500 to design a t-shirt (Winning) so you can pursue other aspects, the work is not monotonous.

Earnings: $150-$300


Well, we all know that many of these lucrative jobs are scams, but few genuine websites offer reliable ways to make money online as explained in the article above. If you have the talent and determination, online jobs can offer opportunity and exposure, enhance your talent and allow you to attract your clients and once you have it you have them for life. At Digital Scholar, our unique moduleHow to make money onlinewalks you through the most reliable ways to make money online.

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