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Instagram messages or DMs are a great way to communicate directly with your followers and customers. It has a significant effect on increasing your credibility and brand trust. However, many people findInstagram DMs don't work. How can you interact with your audience and grow in such a situation when yourInstagram messages are not sent?!

Many marketers share Instagram coupons and discountsSend bulk DMs on Instagram. And for many businesses, Instagram Direct is the only channel through which their potential customers can talk and ask about the price or their services! What if they findInstagram messages are not displayedor even worse when they see the messages but can't reply?!

Unfortunately, when Instagram DMs aren't working, you can't send automated DMs either, which can cause a lot of delays in your marketing performance and sales. That's why we decided to devote an entire article to finding the reason why Instagram DM is not working.

This article explains why Instagram Direct Message is not working and gives you the best ways to prevent it. But if you don't feel like reading a whole page, you canClick here to access an instant solutionto all your DM disorders and problems!

Now let's dive in.

Why are Instagram messages not sending?

Seeing your Instagram DMs not working can be really annoying. If Instagram messages are not sending, you can't start a new message, your message disappears, Instagram gets stuck on sending messages, or you can't reply to the messages. In such a situation, you can'tsend a private message, let aloneautomated Instagram messages!

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The question ofInstagram messages are not sentcan be extremely annoying, especially if your sales partially depend on itDM Marketing on Instagram. For some businesses, no DMs mean no sales at all!

Given suchInstagram DM glitchescan make you wonder if this error is coming from your account or your Instagram servers. Here's why you can't send DMs on Instagram and how to fix your Instagram direct message not working.

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1. Bad internet connection

Every day we hear many users asking "Why did my dm conversation disappear on Instagram?" or "Why isn't the direct panel opening?" All these questions could have a simple answer!

Whenever you have an issue with your Instagram messages not working, the first step is to check your connection. If you're disconnected, no wonder your Instagram message won't send or your chat stops loading!

If you are connected but having trouble opening the posts and stories, it indicates that your internet connection is weak and your Instagram DMS is not working.

2. Your IG cache will load

"Why aren't my Instagram messages sending even though I have a good internet connection?" some of you asked! Well, if your connection isn't the problem, then maybe your Instagram cache is!

Maybe your Instagram messages are not working because your Instagram cache is loaded with data. To fix your Instagram DMs not working by clearing your cache, follow these steps:

  • Open "Settings" on your phone,
  • Tap on "Apps" and then select the "Manage Apps" option.
  • Now select "Storage" and "Clear data".

3. Instagram action block is the reason Instagram DMs not working

If you're still seeing IG messages not sending along with other errors and glitches, you might consider other possible issues. AccordinglyInstagram's Daily Limits, each user can send 20 to 50 Instagram Direct Messages per day.

So there is a high chance that if you have sent multiple spam messages that caused Instagram to block you, your Instagram messages will stop sending. During the first block it may take a few hours but when it blocks you again it also adds too many hours and even days to the time.

Generally,Instagram Terms of Serviceare againstuse malicious botsacting on your behalf. So interacting with too many accounts in a short period of time can arouse and make suspicionsInstagram-Shadowbanyour site. So, if you have used such tools or had any suspicious activity, don't look for more reasonswhy messages are not sent in Instagram; You have probably been action blocked.

4. The post is unavailable

Those of you who are wondering, "Why aren't my messages sending on Instagram?" should also pay attention and see if the post you're trying to send is available. sometimes it is youSend mail as DM, but is no longer available. Maybe Instagram or the person who posted the photo removed it from feeds. So make sure the post still exists as a feed.

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5. Your Instagram is outdated

If you find that messages are not being sent on Instagram, there is a chance that the application is out of date. If your Instagram messages are still not sending after checking all of the above, your Instagram may need to be refreshed. Then go to your settings and check for updates. You can also update your app in theAppstoreorGoogle Play.

6. Instagram server is the reason why Instagram messages are not showing

It can rarely happen that Instagram updates the platform or the server goes down. As a result, the entire app or some features like Instagram direct message won't work. In this case, it is better to wait for the platform to recover and then start sending DMs.

If you see Instagram DMs not working while other features on the platform are also down, you can check for the servers.

7. The recipient blocked you or unfollowed you

It's not pleasant to hear, but Instagram messages won't send because you're DMing someone who previously blocked you.

The recipient may not be following you and may have set their preferences to only receive DMs from followers. This is why your Instagram direct message isn't working.

8. There are some technical issues with your phone

If you don't think any of the above reasons is the possible cause that you are encountering these glitches and you are still wondering "Why aren't my Instagram messages sending?" then check if your smartphone is updated is.

Sometimes there are some technical bugs in the software of smartphones and companies release new updates to fix them. These errors can cause some errors while using different applications. So, keep an eye on these updates to avoid issues like not sending Instagram messages.

Instagram DMs don't work! How to repair?

Now that you know why your Instagram message isn't sending, it's time to fix the problems! Below we will locate to fix Instagram direct message not working.

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#1 Check the basics

First, let's go through the basic solutions step by step to solve the problem.

Test the internet connection

First check your internet connection. Open other apps to see if you're connected to the internet. Examine the router by switching your internet from WiFi to cellular data. If it works then you are done in the first phase. Otherwise, check out the next solutions to fix Instagram DMs not sending!

Clear IG or phone cache

To prevent Instagram messages from not sending, check if your Instagram cache is full and clear your money. We've already gone through how you can do this to stop your Instagram messages not showing troubles!

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Check Instagram server status

You can use some tools to check if Instagram server is working well. Some of these tools can let you know if other Instagrammers are facing the same issues as you.

If you want to check if all Instagram not sending message issues are due to Instagram servers, you can checkDownDetector, a website that provides a real-time overview of issues and glitches across platforms.

Make sure Instagram hasn't blocked you

Suppose you repeatedly sent or violated spam messagesInstagram algorithmby posting nude posts and now you're blocked. Therefore, it is better to wait and do nothing until the platform unblocks you. However, you can use a VPN or change your internet to be able to send DMs.

Check if the user has blocked you

"Why aren't my messages going to a specific person on Instagram?!" That's a good question. Well, if you can't only send Instagram messages to one user, they may have limited their DMs to only receiving messages from followers. Otherwise, they may have annoyed you and got you blocked. If so, go to your room and think about what you did!

Contact Instagram support team to fix Instagram DMs not sending issue

Another solution to these errors is to simply contact Instagram support team and wait for their response. In fact, this might only work if you have plenty of time and aren't impatient to use your DMs again.

In order to send a report about messages that Instagram does not send, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap on "Settings".
  3. Scroll down the page and tap Help.
  4. Select "Report a problem".
  5. Now explain your problem in the field and tap on "Send".
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Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram application

If you've tried all the ways above but got nowhere because your Instagram message wasn't sent, you should consider uninstalling your IG app. Most of the time it does the trick.

Still no progress?! Then read the next section to fix these glitches once and for all!

#2 Send Instagram messages with your email

Seeing Instagram not sending DM is really nerve wracking. But what if you don't have to deal with the DM section at all?! Why bother when you can avoid such problems altogether? Fixing Instagram messages not working is a tedious process and not a busy marketer's favorite. Don't you agree that the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place?

After going through the whole process, I recommend you to send Instagram messages through your email address. You can ask how! Here is the answer:

UseDMpro, you can quicklyConnect DMs to your emailand send your Instagram messages with your email.

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To connect your Instagram DMs to your email and prevent Instagram messages not working, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Add your Instagram accounts (up to 30 accounts).
  3. Select "Manage".
  4. Click the Direct Messages and DM to Email tabs.
  5. Add your email.
  6. After confirming your email, you will receive emails with your Instagram DMs every time you receive new messages.
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#3 Send Instagram messages via DMpro

The good news is thatDMprooffers you a feature to automatically send Instagram messages to your target followers. Therefore you cansort and filter your Instagram DMsand send them to your audience at the right time. Plus, you can reply to the DM right from your email inbox!

Instagram messages not sending? Try it instead [the best guide in 2022] - Social Pros (5)

To send Instagram messages to your target followers, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your free account at DMpro.
  2. Select "Manage".
  3. Click the Direct Messages and DM tabs.
  4. Edit the text of your DM.
  5. Choose your target followers.
  6. Now press “Start DM”.

As you see in the picture, you can automatically reply to your DMs and send Instagram messages in bulk. This is how DMpro makes it easier for you to send and receive your DMs without Instagram DMs not working.

Instagram DMs FAQ not working

If you are having trouble with your Instagram messages not being sent, this blog has attempted to provide a complete guide as to why this is happening and how to fix it. Let's see what other questions you have!

1- Why are my general Instagram messages not showing up?

If you have a business account, you already know that your Instagram DM space is divided into two parts: primary and general. If you don't see your general Instagram messages right now, you might be on the Primary page!

If not, then you should check the above solutions. And to prevent such problems from ever happening, you shouldGet instant access to DMPro, a platform that allows Instagrammers to bulk DM their followers, connecting their direct messages to email,Read Instagram messages without the receipt seen, and much more!

2- Instagram not working today?

If you're asking "why aren't my Instagram messages sending?" then you should check if others are having the same issues. To check if the Instagram servers are down, you should visit the DownDetector website.

If everything seems fine there, check all other options and solutions. You will surely find the remedy!

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bottom line

Instagram DMs are a new way to instantly connect with your community and create new groups to share ideas, products, and services. On the other hand, Instagram DMs that don't work prevent you from ideally contacting your audience. Use a powerful Instagram DM tool here, e.g DMPro, pave the way for marketers to do their jobs efficiently.

So, don't waste another second andLogin to DMpro, to DM like a pro! Trouble free!


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