The US used the stamp collection from the 1930s to the 1990s in eight albums. (B.P. 21% + VAT) (2023)




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The US used the stamp collection from the 1930s to the 1990s in eight albums. (B.P. 21% + VAT) (1)

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The US used the stamp collection from the 1930s to the 1990s in eight albums. (B.P. 21% + VAT) (2)

The US used the stamp collection from the 1930s to the 1990s in eight albums. (B.P. 21% + VAT) (3)

The US used the stamp collection from the 1930s to the 1990s in eight albums. (B.P. 21% + VAT) (4)

The US used the stamp collection from the 1930s to the 1990s in eight albums. (B.P. 21% + VAT) (5)

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Petar Franjo

+44 (0) 1267 233456

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The US used the stamp collection from the 1930s to the 1990s in eight albums. (B.P. 21% + VAT)

Auction details

Antiques, furniture and collectibles

Date(s) of sale

Place address

Towyside Salerooms

Old station road


SA31 1JN

United Kingdom



Please note that we now charge a minimum of £10/day for storage if collection is not arranged within 5 working days of the sale. If items are not picked up within 6 weeks they will be re-auctioned to offset storage costs.

We offer a limited on-site packing and delivery service for small and non-breakable items only.

We only ship a very limited number of items overseas, please inquire before bidding if we can ship items to avoid disappointment.

Please note that we do not ship fragile items (including pictures with glass), large/heavy items, furniture, items worth more than £2500 within the UK or £250 overseas.

We will no longer mail anything that is considered a weapon, eg guns and knives, but if the item is small, we can package it for a small fee for the courier to pick up.

We will not send items abroad that may be prohibited by customs, such as items made of ivory, tortoiseshell, fur, firearms, combat knives, bones, sharp objects, etc.

For a postage quote or additional information, call us on 01267233456 or by

The minimum charge is £12 (postage and packing) within the UK.

It can take up to 2 weeks for your item to reach you after we receive a postage quote as we are a very small company, if you need anything before then please let us know and we should be able to accommodate.

Recommended senders

Heavy/breakable lots

We recommend

PO Box Swansea

Tel: 01792 293581


We recommend local delivery of furniture

CE & N Richards (Carmarthen) 01267236434 ili 07980989223

elsewhere within the UK we recommend

Martin Brothers Ltd (Wiltshire)

Tel: 01985 844144



C Caplin (Swansea)

Tel: 07939098804

T & Cs and important information

Important information

Premium for customers 21%+VATPLUS4.95%+VAT Surcharge for online bidding.

Please note: we only accept credit card payments up to £100

Buyers are asked to collect lots within five working days of the auction, after which a weekly storage fee of £10 will apply if collection has not already been arranged.

Please note:we help with packaging and postage when we can, but we don't ship anything fragile or large.

Terms of use

Terms of sale

Peter Francis deals with bidders, buyers and all those present in the auction room prior to or in connection with the sale subject to the following General Terms and Conditions and such other terms, conditions and notices as may be specified herein. Each buyer, by making an offer for a lot, confirms that he has fully satisfied himself before bidding by inspection or otherwise regarding all the Conditions of Sale, the physical condition and description of the lot including, but not limited to, whether the lot is damaged or has been repaired or restored .

Under these conditions:
(a) "auctioneer" means Peter Francis Company or its authorized auctioneer, as applicable;
(b) "willful forgery" means an imitation made with intent to deceive as to authorship, origin, date, age, period, culture or source, but which is unequivocally described in a catalog as the work of a particular creator and which at the date of sale had a materially lower value than it would have had it conformed to the description;
(c) "hammer price" means the bid level reached (at or above any reserve) when the auctioneer lowers the hammer;
(d) "Consignment Terms" means the prescribed terms and commission rates on which Peter Francis accepts instructions from Sellers or their agents;
(e) "total amount due" means the lowest price in respect of the plot sold together with all premiums, value added tax charged and any additional charges payable by a defaulting purchaser under these Conditions;
(f) "proceeds from the sale" means the net amount owed to the seller, which is the sale price of the lot less commission at the rate specified, value added tax charged and all other amounts owed to us by the seller in any capacity and however arising;
(g) "You", "Your" etc. refers to the customer as identified in Condition 2.
(h) The singular includes the plural and vice versa as appropriate.

(a) Bidders are required to register their details prior to bidding and comply with all security measures before entering the auction room to view or bid;
(b) the highest bidder accepted by the auctioneer conducting the sale will be the buyer at the sale price, and any bid dispute will be resolved at the auctioneer's absolute discretion by rebidding the lot during the auction or otherwise. . The Auctioneer will act reasonably in exercising this discretion.
(c) Bidders shall be deemed to act as principals.
(d) An offer once made cannot be withdrawn.
(2) Our right to bid on behalf of the seller is expressly reserved up to the amount of any reserve, and we also reserve the right to reject any bid.

Bid increases will be at the sole discretion of the auctioneer.

The customer will pay the base price together with a premium of 20% + VAT on the premium at the rate prescribed by law.

Value added tax on the price of the hammer is imposed by law on all items marked with a star or double star. Value added tax is charged according to the appropriate rate that is valid according to the law on the day of sale, and is paid by the buyers of the relevant plots. (Please see “Information for Buyers” for a brief explanation of the VAT position).

(1) As soon as the lot is sold, you will:
(a) provide us, if requested, with proof of identity, and
(b) pay us the total amount of the debt in cash or by other means agreed with us.
(2) We may apply any payments made by you to us to any sums owing to us on any account notwithstanding any instructions from you or your agent, whether express or implied.
(3) Buyers using the services of ATG Live Auctions or any other online live service are hereby informed that the payment method details provided to ATG Live Auctions or any other online live service as part of the registration process, in the absence of compliance with item ( 1) of this clause, we can use it to settle all amounts owed to us by such customers.

CARD PAYMENT NOTE: Due to attempted fraud CREDIT and DEBIT CARD payments will not be accepted over the phone for amounts over £500. This does not affect personal payments via "Chip & Pin".

(1) Ownership of any lots purchased will not pass to you until you have paid us the full amount due.
(2) You will collect at your own risk and expense all parts purchased and paid for no later than 3 business days after the day of the auction or after payment of any check used for payment, after which you will be responsible for all costs of removal, storage and insurance.
(3) No purchase can be claimed or removed until paid for.
(4) Peter Francis is unable to arrange the packing or shipping of the items. Successful buyers must make their own arrangements, although the showroom may suggest specialist forwarding companies who can advise buyers, this advice is not a recommendation and the showroom is not responsible for any aspect of the packing and shipping process. Please note that the cost of packing and shipping depends on the size/weight of the item(s) purchased, insurance requirements and shipping destination, not the value of the item(s) purchased. Please note that any items not collected within one week of the sale date may be automatically transferred to commercial storage and are subject to storage charges.

(1) If any lot is not paid for in full and forfeited in accordance with these Terms or if there is any other breach of these Terms, we, as the seller's agent and on our own behalf, at our sole discretion and without prejudice to any other rights that we may have, be entitled to exercise one or more of the following rights and remedies:
(a) to bring proceedings against you for damages for breach of contract;
(b) cancel the sale of that Lot and/or any other Lot that we have sold to you;
(c) resell the Lot (by auction or private treaty) in which case you will be liable for any resulting shortfall in the total amount owed (after crediting any part payment and adding any resale costs). Any surplus thus created belongs to the seller;
(d) remove, store and secure the Lot at your expense and, in the case of storage, either at our premises or elsewhere;
(e) charge interest at a rate not exceeding 1.5% per month on the total amount due to the amount remaining unpaid more than 3 business days after the sale;
(g) hold that or any other Lot sold to you until you have paid the total amount due;
(h) rejecting or ignoring bids from you or your agent at future auctions or imposing conditions before such bids are accepted;
(i) apply any proceeds of the sale of other parcels which are or will become due to you towards the settlement of the total amount owing and exercise a lien (that is, the right to retain possession) of any property of yours in our possession for any purpose while does not settle the due debt.
(2) We, as the seller's representative and on our own behalf, will seek these rights and legal remedies only to the extent that it is reasonable to make an appropriate refund in relation to the violation of these conditions

All members of the public in our premises are there at their own risk and must take care of the accommodation schedule and safety measures. Accordingly, neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agents shall be liable for death or personal injury (unless required by law due to our negligence) or the like for the safety of the property of persons visiting before or during the sale.

Although prospective buyers are strongly advised to attend the auction and are always responsible for any decision to bid on a particular lot and are presumed to have carefully inspected it and satisfied themselves of its condition, we will, if we receive clear and written instructions to do so, make bids on their behalf. Neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agents shall be liable for any failure to do so, unless such failure is unreasonable. If two or more commission offers are recorded at the same level, we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to prefer the first such offer.

The seller warrants to the auctioneer and to you that the seller is the rightful owner of the property being consigned or is duly authorized by the rightful owner to offer it for sale and is able to transfer good and marketable title to the property free of any third party claims.

The auctioneer usually acts only as an agent and disclaims any responsibility for the omissions of sellers or buyers.

The seller confirms that the lots are sold in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions in their entirety and according to the Shipment Conditions that the sender was informed about at the time of entry of the lot.

(1) Although we endeavor to accurately describe lots, it may be impractical for us to conduct an exhaustive due diligence investigation of each lot. Prospective buyers have ample opportunity to view and inspect prior to any sale and they (and any independent experts on their behalf) must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any description applied to the lot. Prospective buyers also make an offer with the understanding that, inevitably, our representations or statements about authorship, authenticity, provenance, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated sale price involve matters of opinion. We undertake to regard any such opinion as fair and reasonable and accept responsibility for opinions given negligently or fraudulently. Subject to the foregoing, neither we the auctioneer nor our employees or agents nor the seller accept responsibility for the correctness of such opinions and all conditions and warranties, whether relating to the description, condition or quality of the lots, express, implied or statutory, are hereby excluded. . This Condition is subject to the following Condition relating to Intentional Counterfeits and applies except as stated in paragraph 6 "Information for Buyers".
(2) Private contractual sales made under these Terms are considered sales by auction for the purposes of consumer legislation.

Notwithstanding the preceding Condition, you may return any Lot that proves to be intentionally counterfeit (as defined) to us within 21 days of the auction, provided that it is in the same condition as when purchased, and is accompanied by identifying information. appropriate catalog description and written statement of defects. If we are satisfied from the evidence presented that the Lot is an intentional forgery, we will refund the money you paid for the Lot, including any buyer's premium provided that (1) the catalog description reflects the accepted view of scholars and experts at the date of sale or (2) you personally you are unable to transfer good and marketable title to us, you will have no rights under this condition.

16. We shall have the right at our sole discretion to refuse any person access to our premises or attendance at our auctions.

17. (1) Any right to compensation for losses, liabilities and expenses incurred in connection with and as a result of any breach of these Terms and any exclusions provided for therein shall be available to the seller and/or the auctioneer as appropriate.
(2). Such rights and exclusions shall extend to and be deemed to inure to the benefit of the Seller's and/or Auctioneer's employees and agents who may exercise them themselves.

18. Any notice to any buyer, seller, bidder or viewer may be sent by first class post, email or Swiftmail, in which case it will be deemed to have been received by the recipient 48 hours after sending.

19. Special terms may be used in catalog descriptions of certain classes of subject matter, in which case the descriptions must be interpreted in accordance with any glossary contained within the cover.

20. Any remission granted by us to bidders, buyers or sellers notwithstanding the strict terms of these Conditions or the Terms of Delivery will affect the position only at the relevant time and only in relation to that particular concession; in all other respects these Terms shall be construed as having full force and effect.

21. The law of England and Wales shall apply to the interpretation of these Terms.

22. FIREARMS + SHOTGUNS: - The buyer of firearms is required to obtain a valid firearms license, firearms certificate or firearms dealer's registration certificate and to comply with the current regulations of Great Britain relating to firearms. Auctioneers will not deliver lots to buyers without proof of compliance with this condition.

23. Catalogues. Sellers supplying a single item under £100 will not receive a catalogue, but will receive one in the salesroom on presentation of the relevant receipt.

24. Online Bidding: Peter Francis offers an online bidding service via for bidders unable to attend the sale. When completing your bidder registration on and providing your credit card details, unless alternative arrangements are made with Peter Francis, you:

1. authorize Peter Francis, if they so desire, to charge the credit card provided in part or in full, including all fees, for items successfully auctioned through, and
2. confirm that you are authorized to provide this credit card information to Peter Francis via and agree that Peter Francis has the right to ship the goods to the cardholder's name and cardholder's address specified in the sale fulfillment.
Please note that all lots purchased through live auction service will be subject to an additional commission of 3% + VAT at the rate imposed on the opening price.

See full terms and conditions


Petar Franjo

+44 (0) 1267 233456

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